Getting Ready for Pilot Season

"Pilot Season" is year round but as you know the intensity kicks in starting now!

As we enter this very busy time of year, we would like to make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to help us promote you and your career. You you need to have your information complete and current on Actors Access.

It's the profile we use to submit you to Casting.

Breakdown Services/Actors Access provides you with the opportunity to maintain your industry profile, free of charge.

It includes two FREE picture slots, your resume, size card, special skills, union status, and a free SlateShot. All of that is included in your free Actors Access profile and needs to be kept up to date.

When you update your Actors Access information, it automatically updates the information we use when submitting you to Casting Directors.

Here is a quick check-list of the FREE services provided by Breakdown Services / Actors Access.

Pictures: Not only does everyone get 2 FREE slots for headshots, these slots are flexible and you can update the photos as often as you want at no charge., Be sure to assign new pictures to us in Actors Access. Update your headshot on your profile, it's free!

SlateShot: You can attach ONE FREE SlateShot in Actors Access to one of your pictures. Be sure to attach it to the picture we use the most when submitting you. A Slateshot brings your headshot to life and gives Casting a better idea of who you are. Your first one is free!

Resume: Review your resume, to make sure it is accurate and up-to-date.

Profile (Special Skills, Unions, work permits): Fill out your special skills - help us know everything that makes you special. Give yourself an edge when Casting is searching for Actors with special skills. Review your Union status and update as necessary.

Size Card: Review and update. Your size card can be automatically attached when going on a Commercial call, with an Eco Cast or quickly sent when requested by wardrobe.
Additional media (one time charge)

Video Clips/ Audio Clips: Keep clips short and well labeled. We use them as additional media for Casting.

Headshots: Upload additional headshots as needed.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your information up to date! Breakdown Services / Actors Access allows you to maintain your profile free of charge. Old Photos as well as incomplete resumes and profiles can be a disadvantage against Actors that are up-to-date.

The more you do to help us, the more we'll be able to fight for you.


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